Roxio® Streamer  
  Roxio® Streamer and Firewalls
A firewall on your computer might be preventing your Roxio Streamer from functioning normally. This firewall application might be part of your Operating System or it could be a 3rd party software you installed.
The following applications need to access the internet in order for Roxio Streamer to function normally. If you get a firewall warning about these applications, allow them to go thru by selecting "Unblock" or something synonymous.
Application name
Roxio Streamer Agent Application
Executable name
Roxio Streamer Agent.exe
Axentra Corporation
Axentra Corporation
Here are some screen captures of Windows Vista's Firewall trying to block Roxio Streamer's applications. These applications are safe and should be Unblocked.
Vista Firewall Agent
Vista Firewall Agent
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